CPBL to Launch 13U Division!

Story from CPBLbaseball.ca

CPBL To Launch 13U Division

Amateur baseball in Canada is growing at a rapid pace. That’s why the Canadian Premier Baseball League (CPBL) is announcing the launch of its inaugural 13U division beginning in the fall of 2024, with an official league schedule to come in spring 2025.

Since its inception in 2016, the CPBL has put player development and competition at the forefront of its initiatives. Adding a 13U level marks the league’s latest commitment to building the finest baseball league possible. Now more than ever, there’s a voracious appetite for best-on-best competition within Canadian baseball, and this uptick in interest comes at a time when the sporting world moves quicker than ever before.

The 12 CPBL member programs offer the premier facilities, staff, and infrastructure to develop players. Since the league began, it has produced 61 draft picks and pro signees, more than 125 Junior National Team members, and upwards of 800 U.S. scholarship athletes. Not only has the CPBL proven itself as an arena for the highest tier of competition, but the league has also established a development structure that mirrors the post-secondary level. 

The 13U expansion provides a critical introduction to players at a younger age. As the college baseball landscape has evolved, players who aspire to play at that level must be exposed to quality instruction and competition. That’s why the CPBL’s member programs equip themselves with full-time coaching amid an intensive schedule, making the league a one-stop shop for all developmental needs without players being pulled in multiple directions.

The CPBL’s foothold in Ontario commands increased visibility for all its players. Each member program offers a network of connections to pro and college talent scouts, and the younger a player enters the program, the easier it is to utilize those relationships. Beyond that, the 13U division will provide an opportunity for exposure to older players in training environments. Mentorship is critical in baseball. The perk of learning from more established players will only cement a youngster’s commitment to the game and cultivate the next generation of ball players. 

The assumption that a Canadian athlete will grow up playing hockey in the winter and roll into baseball come summertime is no longer a reality. Other sports, such as basketball, football, and soccer, have created compelling elite programs and are attracting players at a younger age. It’s time the baseball scene evolved to compete with other sporting opportunities. 

Ultimately, the CPBL’s 13U expansion represents another big step in the overall development of young Canadian baseball talent and one more reason for players and families to be presented with the most impactful baseball experience possible.