From commitments to the Chop, Steed joins Braves

It's with incredible happiness, the Ontario Blue Jays announce that Pitching Coordinator, Mike Steed has joined the Atlanta Braves organization as a Pitching Coach beginning this March. Mike has spent the last seven years with OBJ, leading Collegiate Fall Tours and our Pitching Staff. Mike will remain with the program as the Pitching Coordinator/College Placement Advisor and will be in-house all off-season while spending his Spring and Summer with the Braves.

Mike is and will continue to be an integral part of the Ontario Blue Jays and we as a program could not be happier for him to make this jump to professional baseball. Join us in congratulating Mike in his newest achievement and we wish him all the best this year with the Braves, see you in November Steeder!

GM, Joe Ellison, "I literally could not be happier for Steeder, what he's taught me over the past seven years can't be put into words. He's an incredible person and incredible coach, I can't wait to see him succeed at the pro level. Our organization now has a professional at the helm of our pitching program, we literally couldn't script it any better for our guys."

President, Corey Eckstein, "I couldn’t be happier for the man I look up to the most. Theres nobody more deserving of this new venture as I know it’s been a goal of his for quite some time. We are thankful he wants to remain on board with us at OBJ as we continue to learn from him during the times it matters most - the off-season."

Current Assistant Pitching Coordinator, Jared Kennedy will step in as Interim Pitching Coordinator when Mike is with the Atlanta Braves.