Lockdown Halts OBJ Off-Season

As we are all well aware, our daily lives have been drastically impacted as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Government recommendations and guidelines have been constantly changing over the past few months. The trend for greater social distancing and a community effort to reduce the rate of spread from community transmission, “flatten the curve" is again needed for the second wave.

We have been patient and made our decisions based on facts and direction from government health officials.  We also believe we have a duty to consider not just the health and well being of our coaches and players, but the health of all members in our community.

Given the announcement this past Friday, we will close the facility and suspend the OBJ Off-Season until it is deemed safe to reopen the facility and/or practice as a team. The Ontario Blue Jays and The Athlete Matrix will reopen as soon as possible and we are committed to doing everything we can for our players until that day comes.

Please everyone take care of yourselves. You have to put your own health first if you want to do your part to reduce community spread. The solution to this problem rests within our community - let’s play our part.

From OBJ Management.