Myles believes he can be best of the brothers

Courtesy of Toronto Observer - Ryan Watson

The Naylors may be the next powerhouse family in professional sports, and the youngest son, 16-year-old Myles, is on deck. 

He’s the youngest brother of Josh, and Noah “Bo” Naylor, both of whom play within the Cleveland Guardians organization, and is determined to follow in the footsteps of his siblings. 

The Texas Tech commit not only believes he has what it takes to get to the MLB, but that he could be the best Naylor sibling to do so. 

“I have the ability to surpass [my brothers],” said Myles, in a video interview on Sunday. “[Thanks to them] I’ve had the early jump on a lot of things.” 

The shortstop explained that because of his brothers (both first round picks), and the things they have been able to teach him from their own experiences, he has an advantage that they didn’t have.  

“We’re all different players,” the Mississauga native said. “We’re all good in our own ways but I think I have the potential to be the best one out of all of us.” 

The idea of being the best of the three may not just be the wishful thinking of the 16-year-old phenom, either. 

Conner Morro, Naylor’s strength and conditioning coach with the Ontario Blue Jays, and former teammate of eldest Naylor brother Josh, seemed to agree. 

“I think Myles has the tools,” said Morro, in a video interview last week. “He sorta has a mix of Josh and Bo’s athleticism.

“It’s like a crazy happy medium where he takes the qualities from both of them, mixes them together and then you’ve got a super athlete on the baseball field.”

If that isn’t enough to convince people, the youngest Naylor is the No. 1-ranked Canadian high school prospect according to PBR Ontario.