OBJ Becomes First Canadian Blast Motion Partner

The Ontario Blue Jays are thrilled to announce a partnership with Blast Motion Baseball.  OBJ will becomes the 35th baseball organization to partner with Blast Motion, and the very first in Canada. 

When Director of Player Development, Kyle DeGrace was given the opportunity to partner with Blast Motion, he never hesitated and said "We're extremely excited to add Blast Motion to our program this off-season.  Blast will allow us to break down our players swings with the ability to track analytical data and individualize program specific to players weaknesses.  All players come in different shapes and sizes, their off-season focus shouldn't all be the same.  Blast will give us and our Hitting Coordinator, Tim Smith the ability to analyze and build specific focus area for our hitters."

Blast Motion is wearable technology that will be utilized by the Ontario Blue Jays hitters.  The motion sensor is placed on the end of the bat, and provides hitters and coaches with instant feedback on swing metrics such as Bat Speed, On Plane Efficiency and Body Rotation.  Along with the metrics, players can view each one of their swings in 3-Dimensions to better understand their strengths and weaknesses.  This product will provide the coaching staff valuable information to individualize each players offensive development plan.  Blast Motion is currently partnered with over 20 Major League Baseball organizations including the two teams currently fighting for the 2019 MLB World Series.

Hitting Coordinator, Tim Smith on his new instructional tool, "I'm super excited to incorporate Blast into our OBJ Hitting Program.  As the game evolves, I'm a strong believer in utilizing modern day sports science to our advantage.  Combining such with the human element of teaching leaves me nothing but anxious for the near future."

In addition to player development, the Blast Motion reports generated throughout the year will be utilized to provide collegiate and professional teams with the analytical information they need in order to recruit and scout Ontario Blue Jays players. 

To learn more about Blast Motion and what the Ontario Blue Jays players will have access to check out Blast Motion online!