OBJ Announces Nation-Wide Recruiting for 2020-21

As March quickly approaches so does the recruiting season and for the first time in the Ontario Blue Jays history, OBJ will open its doors formally to players from all over Ontario, Canada and beyond.

"It's something we've contemplated for a couple years now," says Director of Baseball Operations, Joe Ellison. "Each year we have countless players contact us from not only across Canada but from all over the world.  These past few months have been busy ones preparing for the unveiling of this and I feel like we're ready to undertake some of the huge responsibilities opening our doors to this entails.  That said, we're excited about welcoming in players from all over Canada and internationally as we move to fill our rosters for the 2020-21 season - It begins a new and exciting chapter in the Ontario Blue Jays longstanding history."

The news comes as recently appointed OBJ Director of Player Personnel, Corey Eckstein begins his preparations to move his young family from Abbotsford, British Columbia to the GTA to join OBJ Full-Time.  "It's something that is not foreign to us out here in British Columbia and the rest of the western provinces.  Players make decisions to attend full-time programs in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan to try to reach their goals in baseball.  I think, if anything, OBJ is late to the game in this - I'm excited to be able to build this from inception to completion and I think this will be very exciting for not only myself and our staff but our entire program."

In conjunction with the announcement, the OBJ Billet Program has officially been launched with the submission of eager applicants looking to welcome talented baseball players into their homes for the upcoming season.  These families will enable players from from all across Canada to have the opportunity to play and train with the Ontario Blue Jays year-round. If you're interested in becoming apart of the OBJ Billet Program please check out the requirements necessary and the compensation packages available here.

Another change for the upcoming recruiting season is the publication of the Ontario Blue Jays Tuition & Fees for the 2020-21 season beginning this September.  Outlined throughout the page are all parts of the Ontario Blue Jays Calendar Year broken down by age group including tentative seasonal dates, number of teams, roster limits, tournaments, team travel days and other important information about what is included when you join the Ontario Blue Jays Family.  The goal of this, is to allow players across Ontario, Canada and beyond the opportunity to make an informed decision about their next step towards their baseball goals.  Check out the Ontario Blue Jays 2020-21 Tuition & Fees, here.

Players wishing to get ahead of the curve or who are looking to apply to the Ontario Blue Jays from anywhere across the country please fill out our Recruit Questionnaire and submit your recruitment videos today!  Open Tryout dates will be announced soon.