Our Home Going Forward

The Ontario Blue Jays are happy to report the club has been able to extend their lease agreement at 3350 Wolfedale Road for an additional off-season, taking us to the fall of 2024.

"This has obviously been a very stressful time with the uncertainty of where we might end up. We have exhausted numerous options over the last 12 months, which unfortunately did not come to fruition for a variety of reasons. Our organization will continue on our pursuit of finding a long term home, but for now have peace of mind knowing we can inform our players and families that we have been able to extend beyond November of 2023." - President Corey Eckstein

We will keep everyone updated as more information becomes available. There have been some pretty outlandish rumours over the past while in terms of where we are going. We encourage you to contact Corey Eckstein directly at ceckstein@ontariobluejays.com if you hear anything otherwise.